Tarot Reading – Stage Three

Stage three deals with the astrological sign that is of greatest import to the question. As you may know, we are more than simply our Sun sign or our rising sign. (The rising sign is the sign of the zodiac that was on the horizon when we first drew breath and represents sort of a first impression that we give to the world)

We actually have all twelve signs in us and can call upon their various attributes when needed. This stage of the reading indicates which of the signs we need to call upon to best address the themes and issues raised regarding the question.

In this example, the significator appears in the ninth pile, which is Sagittarius. In other words, the questioner needs to be in touch with the Sagittarian qualities in herself in order to work with the issues raised by the question.

What might those be? Well, that might include a willingness to look at one’s philosophy around the question – possible doing research, maybe even traveling (actually or vicariously) to find out more about appropriate things. There is a sense of adventure in Sagittarius as well, and Sagittarians are natural gamblers. Therefore, the questioner may be asked to take a risk.

Cards are counted and paired as in previous stages. They are interpreted with an eye to how they pertain to the sign that is being dealt with.

From this stage, we move to the most complicated stage of the reading, astrological decanates. It is the stage I use the least, as it is long and, at times, tedious.

I’m only telling you the truth as I see it. Next time, you will be able to see it too.