De Profundis

So, anybody out there up on their Latin? Or their Psalms? Or their movie dialogue?

This post’s title comes from a famous Latin phrase. The full verse is: De profundis clamo ad te, Domine. (Of course, it wasn’t written in Latin originally, but it’s a cool thing to say; just rolls off the tongue.)

De david

Translation: Out of the depths I cry unto you, O Lord. It’s from Psalm 130.

Or, from M. Night Shyamalan’s movie The Sixth Sense.

[When I heard the line in the flick, I knew what it meant before they translated it. Thank you, Father Pius — one of my high school Latin teachers]

At any rate, the quote suddenly occurred to me the other day. When I Googled it, it turned up being used in several blogs recently. Synchronicity at work.

According to Biblical lore, King David (in the picture) wrote this when he was feeling pretty low, which seems to have been fairly often if you’ve ever given Psalms a look. This was evidently David’s scene: feel bad, pluck the lyre, make up a psalm. Probably worked as well as any anti-depressant. He was one of the world’s premier music therapists, I suppose.

Back to synchronicity. I mean, I wasn’t feeling down when the quote came to me. It must have just been floating about in the collective unconscious and bobbed to the surface. For several people, by the looks of it.

Why is that floating around now? People worried about the economy? Expecting God to give them some hot stocks for their IRAs? Well here’s a news flash: Don’t go to God for stock tips, because as Einstein supposedly said, “God does not play dice with the Universe.”

[BTW, if you think the stock market is anything other than a sophisticated casino, think again. Anymore, it doesn’t have anything to do with how a company is doing, or the quality of its product. It’s about what the computer programs say, and about “the house” (the large investor) taking “the suckers” (you and me) for a ride.]

Oh, yeah — synchronicity. It may be the mind’s fervent need to make sense of the random (I doubt that), but it seems like certain themes, events, etc. associate themselves with each other to give us messages or lessons. That’s one way to think about synchronicity.

So, what am I supposed to get from Psalms 130:1? I think it has to do with remembering that the Higher Self is always there, even when one is not in the depths. After all, as I said before, I wasn’t there when the quote hit me. Also, I think it’s about not waiting until one is in the depths to check out whatever guidance there is to be had. In other words, it’s always good to see what can be gleaned from powers that have a greater perspective.

How to go about this checking is one’s personal choice. From prayer and meditation to Tarot cards and bird entrails, various methods have been tried. I know some prefer looking at guts, but as for myself, I think I’ll pass on the entrails.

However you choose to do it, pick your method and don’t be concerned about how others go about it. As they say in Latin: De gustibus non est disputandum (There ain’t no accounting for taste).