Some of Dr. Santangelo’s favorite links:

Eastwind Healing Center
This is where Dr. Santangelo practiced. While he is no longer active as a psychotherapist, he still owns this Center with his wife Dr. Candida Maurer. Eastwind Healing Center is a group of independent practitioners in Iowa City, Iowa, offering a “one-stop” shop for alternative and complementary medicine. Modalities include mind/body psychotherapy and medication management, acupuncture, massage, chiropractic, energy medicine, functional medicine, and many more.

Sacred Visionary Art
This site features the spiritual artwork of Dr. Candida Maurer. Using her 30 years of experience as a psychologist and psychotherapist, as well as her intuitive vision and insight, Dr. Maurer creates works that delight both the eye and the psyche.

Light and Sound Meditation
This system of meditation is very simple, easy to learn, and is always offered without financial cost. Once, initiated, diligent practice will lead to a state of Enlightenment. While it may not be the only Path, it is the one that brought Enlightenment to Dr. Santangelo, who had tried many approaches over his decades of meditation practice and study. It is highly recommended.

Builders of the Adytum
Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.) is one of the most respected esoteric groups in the Western mystery tradition. They offer weekly lessons by mail in Qabalah, Tarot, and Astrology.

AstroGraph Astrology Horoscopes
Free Monthly Horoscopes. TimePassages Professional Astrology Software for Windows and Mac OS X. Astrology Charts and Reports with Powerful Interpretations.
This is one of the astrology programs that Dr. Santangelo uses in his work.

Asterian Astrology
Asterian astrology is a sidereally-based astrological system that gives amazingly accurate personality readings, as well as an enviable record in forecasting trends and events in an individual’s life. Sidereal systems use the actual placement of the planets (what you would see if you looked up at the sky) to cast the chart. The system most of us are familiar with is Tropical astrology, which is based on the change of seasons in the Northern hemisphere. One notable feature of Asterian astrology is its emphasis on the 27 Stars that overlay the usual, solar signs. These stars lend a subtlety to the system that is lacking in Tropical approaches.
Dr. Santangelo has co-authored a book on this system, entitled 27 Stars: Discovering Your True Self With Asterian Astrology. It is available from

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