Welcome to my audio page! Here you can find audio recordings of some of my writing, fictional, spiritual, and fanciful. I apologize in advance for any recording imperfections. Also, I’m not a professional reader, and I bet it shows.

Messengers of Light, Messengers of Darkness, Chapter 1 (ebook to be published on Kindle in 2016)

This feature is something I call Minute Musings. That’s minute in the sense of time, not in the sense of small. Of course, lasting only a minute or so each, I suppose you could consider them minute as well.

These are bits that I record while at home, in the office, walking to work, hiking – basically anywhere, and they are about whatever strikes my spiritual fancy at the time. They are raw audio, no editing, (I don’t even stop to talk while I’m going uphill!) so they are spontaneous and brief.  I hope you enjoy them.




Using Your Noggin


For Yourself

Moral Living

Happy Stuff

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