I’m now on Patreon.com!

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I now have a Patreon.com page! For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, Patreon is a site for writers, artists, musicians, Youtubers, et al. to share their creations with the world. Both public and patron offerings are available. Public content is shared freely, while patron content is published to those who pledge a small amount (either by month or by creation) for access to that content. This patronage helps support the creator/artist, while building a community of shared interest. Patrons also receive regular rewards to show appreciation for their support. I will be publishing writing and teaching on spirituality and spiritual growth on my page. I intend to make this practical, worldly, and actionable. It won’t be mere philosophical musings. I strongly believe that the spiritual must be brought into the real world, or it’s just a speculative exercise.

My page is here. Stop by, have a look, and please consider becoming a patron.

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