Illuminating the Illuminati

I’ve been thinking and watching lately. Thinking about the concept of the Illuminati and watching the world (mostly watching human nature). What follows are musings and conjecture, so take from it what you will.

There are two understandings of the Illuminati. The first is a title referring to those who have attained a certain level of accomplishment pursuing Higher Wisdom, seeking to understand natural law and thereby approach union with the Ineffable — or God, if you prefer. The second refers to a shadowy group of individuals bent on world domination via every means from alien communication to depopulation and Devil worship.

First things first. As a title of mystical attainment, Illuminati is an honorific. By the time one reaches this grade of study, titles become meaningless. They become a way of specifying “time spent” or “work completed” and little else. Those who attain the true level of expertise denoted by the title care little about whether a title is attached to what they have achieved or not. What they are most interested in is the betterment of the human condition and a general awakening of mankind to its higher purpose. Personally, I have no problem with this understanding of the term. Anyone interested in spiritual development for the benefit of humanity is OK by me.

The other use of the word Illuminati is the one that has garnered the most attention. Here it is seen as a secret cabal bent on the enslavement of humanity. Typically, this group is associated with an alien agenda (like the Reptilians or the Greys), elite families or groups (royals, Rothschild, Bilderberger, Masons, etc., etc.), or Satanists. The goal is always the same: world domination. The means may vary (chemtrails, fluoride, EMFs, television, music, etc., etc.).

With all this coming at us poor, ordinary individuals, what chance do we have?

Well, let me give you my take on this latter understanding of the Illuminati. I have come to look askance at most of the conspiracy theories. I think the last straw was when some of the leading conspiracy experts started taking aim at each other. (See my post on this topic here). It dawned on my Inner Cynic that there was lotsa cash to be made in the conspiracy biz, and that this may be a major motivator for many on that particular bandwagon.

And so it is with the world-wide, NWO, planet-controlling crowd. I honestly believe it all boils down to money and self-interest (read power). Certain, dare I say most, people will do whatever is necessary to get even just a little edge on another. At its most mundane, look at the person who passes you on the highway, whipping out from behind you only to cut back in front of you for an exit that was only a couple of hundred feet ahead. That person engaged in dangerous behavior to save only a few seconds! Think of what such people would be willing to do for a stack of cash or a better parking spot in the company lot!

A recent article in New Scientist talked about the interlinking of the world’s most profitable companies, which according to the article “run the world.” Do you think that there is a deep conspiracy afoot? The only one I can see is one in which backs are being mutually scratched, for mutual benefit, and only so long as mutual benefit accrues. Greed, plain and simple.

In other words, the attitude runs along the lines of: I got mine, you get yours. As long as you don’t try to take from me, it’s fine. But if I feel like taking what’s yours . . . well, that’s just part of the game, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Illuminating the Illuminati”

  1. I have followed the Iluminati and related secret orders for most of my conscious life. My question is Why did they blow up the twin towers…seems they did.. and therefore what a bunch of greedy assholes.

    I am willing to fight them because they are sick and harm humanity

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