Seeing, Not Just Looking

Some time ago I had a dream in which God gave me the ability to see with my eyes closed, like looking through my eyelids. Not a great superpower, but something. Oh, and what did God look like? In this manifestation, the Almighty was a 40-ish guy who was pretty nondescript, slightly chubby, looked kind of
Hispanic. Thin mustache. Polo shirt and chinos. Loafers. I suppose the Ineffable One can look — however, you know?

Anyway, I did a few parlor tricks with my new-found ability (the Ancient of Days was rather amused, looking on), and woke up. Pondering the dream, one message I got was that this ability was so that I could look at the true nature of things, rather than just the illusion of consensual reality playing out before my senses. Now, if I could only hold onto that gift . . .

In the Tarot, 15 - Devil the illusion of reality is often represented by the card known as The Devil (Major Arcana number 15). The card is also associated with the astrological sign of Capricorn. Just because this card represents Capricorn, though, doesn’t mean that Capricorn is bad. We need our inner Capricorn to push us forward in the world, and Capricorn rules career and business. Also, a certain little Savior was born a Capricorn, according to popular reckoning.

No, the problem comes from being captured (note the chains that attach the two figures to the Devil’s throne) by that illusion. Looking deeply, we can begin to peel back the frilly distraction to find the spiritual core, though. Take a good look at the card. You can see pretty easily that the chains around the figures’ necks are roomy enough that they could remove the chains on their own, if they so desire. That’s the trick — wanting to remove the chains. Don’t be fooled like Faust, who nearly condemned himself by wanting the illusion of reality to stay. “You are so wonderful,” the doomed doctor said. That was all Mephistopheles needed to hear, and ol’ Faust was almost a goner. Thanks goodness the cavalry (angels) came to the rescue.

Don’t let yourself get bamboozled by appearances. To paraphrase Smoky the Bear: Only YOU can prevent hellfile.

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