An involved topic, this one, so I only wish to scratch the surface of one aspect of it. Archangels are mentioned in sacred scripture and are embodiments of primal forces, such as healing, protection, etc. The number of these beings varies by source, but typically there are 7 or, less frequently, 10 of them (one for each sphere of the Tree of Life).

Four archangels have been appropriated by the Western magickal tradition. Their names and name meanings follow:

  • Raphael – Healing God.
  • Michael – Who is like God?
  • Gabriel – Hero of God.
  • Uriel – Flame of God.


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These four are mentioned by name in the Bible, and are represented in other sacred literature. It’s a rewarding and enjoyable exercise to look up the references and it’s pretty easy to do so on the web. (You didn’t think I was going to do all the work for you, did you?)

In Western magick, they guard the four directions (Raphael – East; Michael – South; Gabriel – West; Uriel – North). Other correspondences have been given to them, including colors and responsibilities. While doing trancework a few days ago, the thought occurred to me that they may also have assignments in the physical realm, such as with bodily systems. Who better to appeal to when there are problems with particular areas of the body than these beings or forces? (Provided that one also does the commonsense things like seeing a qualified practitioner of the healing arts when called for.)

At any rate, here are a few of the correspondences that have come to me. See if you think that they make sense to you. You may need to look up the Biblical references to understand some of them, but it’s worth the work.

  • Raphael – Element of Air, realm of Thought, sense of sight, bodily systems of digestion and breathing.
  • Michael – Element of Fire, realm of Spirit, sense of speech, bodily systems of cardiovascular, and the blood. “Fire” balance of the body.
  • Gabriel – Element of Water, realm of Emotion, sense of hearing, bodily systems of urination and lymph circulation. “Water” balance of the body.
  • Uriel – Element of Earth, realm of Physical, sense of smell/taste, bodily systems of the bowels (elimination) and the skin.

That’s just for starters. I’d love to hear what any Magicians out there can add to this. Well, back to the trance I refer to as everyday life.

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